Launched in 2017

— Are you ready for a truly international experience that will make all the difference on your resumé ?
— Do you want to meet international companies and work on real projects at the heart of an intercultural team?
— Are you eager to increase your linguistic and cultural skills in 3 different academic  — environments where all the courses are in English?
— Would you like to have the chance to learn in a small group with individual input from your professors?

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Join the BRIDGE Program!

BRIDGE = Business-Related Intercultural Dynamic Global Experience

We offer you the chance to join our Tripartite Master’s Program, an innovative and exciting joint project which will enable you to spend 8 weeks in Kaliningrad, Russia, 8 weeks in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and 8 weeks in Lille, France. The 3 partner universities Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University , Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages   and  Estice International Business School   offer this unique opportunity each year , starting from October 2017. You will validate the first year of your Master degree by studying  in 3 countries, and obtain a Tripartite certificate signed by the 3 partner universities. After these 24 weeks you will then return to your home institution to complete the final year of study having gained incomparable knowledge, experience and most importantly skills that will enable you to work all over the world.

What will the course involve?

Master in International Business means training in both hard and soft skills that will prepare you for the world market. Financial Management, Strategic International Management, International Marketing, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-Cultural management, Conflict Management, Innovation and Business Models are some of the courses you will be taking. Throughout the program you will also be deepening your intercultural and linguistic skills with intensive courses in all 3 languages. You will have every opportunity to practice and improve your fluency, enjoy frequent cultural outings and engage with the local population through a variety of situations.

Regular learning journals will help you to develop self-awareness and intercultural competency as every 2 weeks you will be communicating in depth with a personal tutor.
And, to ensure that you gain experience in project management, as well as completing an on-line course involving blended learning, you will participate in 3 different projects for local companies affiliated to the partner universities, work on an online virtual global team project and create a multi-cultural company with your international team-mates.

Your 60 ECTS credits will be gained through a variety of means including written exams, self-reflection papers, professional project presentations, oral exams and on-line evaluations. At the end of the experience you will be able to assess your intercultural competency by taking the Intercultural Development Inventory and have an individual 2 hour session with a professional coach to help you evaluate the extent of your learning, both personal and professional.


Program dates:  each year , starting  in October in Russia and finishing  in  June in France
Language: English

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University – 
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages  Download flyer
Estice International Business School   Download flyer

Deadline for the application 1 September

Admission requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university
  • Proof of proficiency in English language  (TOEFL, IELTS, or pre-admission proficiency test)

How to apply:

Send the required documents  to us by  email

Required documents: 

  1. Academic transcript (Scan copy of diploma)
  2. Application form
  3. Proof of proficiency in English language (TOEFL, IELTS, etc/ or pre-admission test)
  4. Statement of purpose (approximately 600-700 words)
    • Reasons why you chose this master program
    • Career goals and how the program helps to achieve these goals
    • Your present soft competences and those, that you want to develop
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  6. Two letters of recommendation (professional and academic)
  7. Recent picture of you


You pay regular tuition per each semester  at your home institution

Estimated expenses




 Flight (roundtrip) Kaliningrad à Paris (round trip by plane via Moscow):
around 450€
Paris à Lille (one-way by train): around 35€
Kaliningrad à Taiwan (round trip by plane via Moscow):
around 1000€
 Visa fee Visa fee 35€ Visa fee 5000 RUB
(visa center in Moscow)
 University dorm
(per month)
On or near campus
350€ to 400€
-off — campus housing within walking distance to the campus(per month)
-200€: Private Single Room with around 16-20 square meters
-250€: Private Twin Room with around 16-20 square meters
Deposit 50€ Usually not necessary  but some request pre-pay one month.
Meals 200 to 250€ 150€- 200€
Local transport 30 to 50€ 30€
Personal expenses 200€ 100€
Visits to places of interest (for the whole group of  students) that can be organized in your country — 2 day-trip to Paris
Transport and overnight stay: 50€ per person- Day-trip to Brussels
Transport: 20€ per person
— 2 day-trip to Kenting Transport and overnight stay: 120€ per person
— 2 day-trip to Taipei Transport and overnight stay: 200€ per person
— Taiwan High Speed Rail : from Taipei to Kaohsiung  round trip around 90 €.


Various companies provide internship for the students of this program in Russia, Taiwan and France.
One of the partnering company is KODE:

“We develop mobile application for business, airlines, banks, startups and life. Companies from TOP-100 of Russia are our clients. We test our product decisions on focus groups; our art directors, which has a great amount of interface solutions, verify design; and architects with 10 years’ experience of industry commercial development project software. QA department has a huge set of test equipment and starts work with requirements testing, design verification for compliance with Apple and Google guidelines and finalizes with customer acceptance tests.

We choose project management framework depending on type of the projects, use both Scrum and Waterfall.

In addition to the excellent design and perfect code, we also carry out complex integration of our applications with customer systems such as banking software or Navitaire reservation systems. According to this we develop separated intermediate middleware servers.”

For more information:

Come to know more about the program in KrausLab, Kaliningrad, Gorky street, 23, room 106

Contact us via
or Facebook KrausLab Exchange and VK