• we have a lot of independent work and reflection on what we do and where we succeed or fail
  •  we meet experts  from business and share  things with them
  • we write essays on the books we choose to study
  • we do research according to our our interests in Learning Sets and publish articles to share the results
  • we implement our own Big Deals projects and launch start ups
  •  we choose the  track to create an individual education trajectory and  fix it in the individual educational contract (Learning Contract).
  • each of us has an individual adviser to support and facilitate our development.

The  core approach in KrausLab is  Learning by Doing
The core study formats are: flipped class, multidisciplinary  modules, dialog, seminars, trainings.
Evaluation: Individual attestation at the end of each semester includes self-evaluation, assessment of the team/employer/adviser
Dissertation: is based on own experience in entrapreneurship  and research
Master degree – Management. I. Kant Baltic Federal University