What and how do we study?

  1. Business Basics: Business Models, Strategic Analysis, Trends in Macroeconomics, Digital Economy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Management Economics, Finance
  2. Flexible management systems: Agile Management, product development, Customer Development, prototyping, innovation in management, project management
  3. Research: Research Methods in Management
  4. Leadership and teamwork: Roles in the team, teambuilding, leadership typology, business psychology
  5. Communication: English, presentation skills, business advertising, interactive sessions, reflective journaling, negotiations, media, social networks
  6. Self-development: Personal Mastery
  7. International block: cross-cultural management, organizational behavior

We have a lot of independent work, we write essays on self-studied literature, print articles, conduct studies that meet our interests – Learning Sets, we implement our own Big Deals projects
We choose our track, our specialization, fix it in the individual educational contract Learning Contract and implement it with the support of an individual adviser.

Primary education in the Master’s program – Learning by Doing
Training format: inverted class, modules, reflection, expert support
Evaluation: Individual attestation at the end of each semester includes self-evaluation, assessment of the team, employer, adviser
Dissertation: Is based on own experience of creation and creativity
Master’s degree in Management of BFU im Kant