Big Deals

BD is a real life business project, performed by KrausLab team.
The product has to be sold to the customers.


BD «Bake My Day»

Culinary studio. The real professionals share their energy, not only with food but also transmit it to people during the workshops.

Kate Odinzova  —  Founder


The first cafe of Thai roll-ice cream in Kaliningrad.
Ready for you now.

Regina Gurina — Founder

Learning Sets

LS is a research group,  which does  research in any filed of their  interest.
The aim is to produce new knowledge and share it with the public.

LS Intrapreneurship

Students at Krauslab have initiated  this Learning Set to study and promote ideas of Intrapreneurship, which is like entrepreneurship but it operates within an existing company. Intrapreneurs are the people who invent, implement and make a way for new projects, products and initiatives within their organizations.During autumn semester 2016 students plan to increase their knowledge and awareness on the topic of delegation of authority and leadership. As learning set product students will adapt Delegation Poker (Author: Jurgen Appello, Management 3.0) card game to Russian and test this card game with external audience and students. The main learning objective of this game is to discuss delegating decisions and tasks with team within a controlled environment using 7 levels of delegation.

Additional objectives for discussion point are:

  • Delegation is not a binary thing
  • Delegation is a step-by-step process
  • Delegation is context-dependent

Complementing the results of learning set students will record short videos to promote ideas of Intrapreneurship on social and media platforms Facebook and Youtube in Russian language.

LS Intercultural Teams

Studies the functioning of the teams consisting of people from different countries and cultures. This topic is highly relevant nowadays because of the two reasons:

  • A raising number of companies worldwide are using project teams to fulfil the work
  • To be profitable, companies are entering international markets, so they often constitute teams of cross cultural members

It is important to understand the processing of intercultural teams in order to to manage them effectively. If wisely managed, cross-cultural teams might be much more effective than monoculture ones.

In this LS we organize our work by reading relative books and articles and share the knowledge with the group. We meet on a weekly base. Working Language is English.

We also integrate international students/ projects into our research to practice what we learn theoretically. For example, we   participate in the online x culture project and plan to facilitate the Tripartite program with students France and Taiwan in 2017-2018.

We make efforts to learn more about Russia, and thus upgrade the game Diversophy on the Russian culture.