What is a Learning Expedition?

3-day visit to KrausLab, Kaliningrad, one of the most innovative entrepreneurship education in Russia. Meet enthusiastic people who share the appetite to learn and innovate. Your chance to see Teams of Intrapreneurship, Bridge International and Entrepreneurship in Action.

Challenge your mental models about learning by meeting a school without classes, teachers or exams that creates entrepreneurial spirit, learning by doing with great results: 30% of the graduates of Team Academy continue as entrepreneurs upon graduation, Big Deals boosts Intrapreneurship in 5 local companies, 3 International Projects including International Internship with links between 5 international companies.

What’s the Magic in Learning Expedition?

The most important thing is to be to just see, feel and be at the place where it’s all happening. Talk to teamstersand advisors and experts. See how they work. See how the process goes. That is often an eye opening experience.

Program Blueprint

  • Creating knowledge: Who’s here and why are we.  Dialog session between participants and master students/graduates.
  • Presentation of tools: Big Deals and Learning Sets, Cross-fertilizing.
  • Company/project cases: Motorola evaluation of what you have learned
  • Museums and Tours: guided visits to the Amber museum, World Ocean Museum, I. Kant places, National parks and the Baltic Sea.

Practical Information Accommodation is available in a variety of hotels.

Costs to be negotiated.

Connect Dr. Kovbasyuk Olga at olga.kovbasyuk@gmail.com