Agile transformation is a program in two formats (on request):

  • or a refresher course (72 hours with a state certificate);
  • or a form of cooperation of experts Krauslab with a group of leaders and agents of influence in the organization.

The goal of cooperation is to adjust business processes with elements of organizational culture change. Agile-Transformation is necessary for productivity growth (20-50%), reduction of defects (25-75%), growth of employees’ motivational potential (10-50%) and faster release of a new product for planned implementation (30-75%).

Transformation can cover part of the business processes that are most critical for development, or the entire organization as a whole. Also, an individual product can be the formalization (description) of business processes, not followed in the future by actions to change the management model.

The project implementation period is from 3 to 9 months, depending on the depth of implementation and the duration of project support.

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