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Education 2.0

For courageous, curious, ready to lead!


We learn in English and in Russian. We choose individual education paths:

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

For those who are ready to act, create projects (start-ups or social projects) and achieve results. Focus on accelerating projects, forming teams, creating products.


For those who do not plan to open their own business, but want to be an effective leader in corporate projects. For whom it is important to combine career and creativity. Focus on accelerating existing business and corporate management.

International Business

For those who are interested in gaining international experience in business and education. Focus on international projects, cross-cultural management, use of English as a working language.

The focus to one or another track doesn’t mean that there will be no opportunities for  students to  join  other tracks.
You Will Have even more opportunities!  Leave your contacts here – we will keep you updated!


Within the framework of the state standard “Management” a practical  model of the graduate program  is applied.

  1. The main part of studies  constitute  trainings, seminars, practical work and self-education (the number of lectures is minimized);
  2. Students are engaged in real projects (the key principle is “learning by doing”);
  3. Each team is supported by advisers and business professionals;
  4. Each student studies  according to her/his  individual educational track.



Master students together with community people outside the program take  this or that open educational course (for example, Coursera).  They discuss the content and do the tasks together. This dramatically improves the quality of self-education, allows you to motivate yourself to complete the course, and discover new things.


The task of advisers is to facilitate self- development of students: to define a set of topics to learn,
trainings to choose, courses to take and books to read, which allow students to develop desired competencies.
In addition, advisor often act as mentors and coaches.

Advisors and mentors provide safety to the business team participants.

Advisors and mentors lead the group to the finish line, following the rules and observing the discipline.

Advisors and mentors train less experienced riders.

Advisors and mentors help with breakage or injury on the road

Mentors and advisors provide safe movement to each member of the team.

Mentors and advisors set example by their own actions.

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